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Peter – God in Business

“I want to be the directing manager” I blurted out at a joint venture planning meeting of my tour operating company two years ago. I believed that God gave me those words as that was the furthest thought from my mind. A long term business strategy was based on that. Today I can testify to its success.

My Christian adventure began in 2003 when I met Pastor Soke Mun. I still do not know why I started talking about religion. I was mainly complaining about the current Buddhist belief in China. Then she asked me “why don’t you follow Jesus, the real God, the God of All Gods”.

Since then I have noticed great changes in me. I have become calmer, not anxious about things as before and because of this I can listen carefully to what God is saying to me, and follow His guidance.

It has had a major impact on my business. Some very important decisions and solutions to complex issues come suddenly to my mind. I believe these are not my thoughts. This is God’s power.

Now every time we come across any difficulties we pray and things always work out.

Normally I review my decisions after a year or two and I have learnt that as I obeyed God’s guidance I see His good purposes in my life