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Esa – God at work

I am a research nurse in a bone marrow transplant unit.  Before that I was a ward sister. As a Christian, I do my work as if I am doing it for the Lord. Everything I do I endeavour to do with honesty and integrity. If Jesus was here in my position He would do the same. So when I am working I always remember that I am doing it for Him.

When I was seven years old, my parents became Christians and they took me to Sunday school. I came to know God when I was twelve years old.  From that time forward I have served Him, started in the children’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher and now I am part of the worship team in church.

As a ward sister, work was hectic and stressful and I was becoming physically and mentally tired. So I asked the Lord if it was time to have a different job. I received a prophetic word in church that said ‘God will take me to the unlimited from the limited, and God will bless me because I have worked so hard, also that I will be taken out of the situation I was in.’

Then I heard about the position for a research nurse on the final day of applications and I was the successful applicant resulting in a career change. Now I have my weekends off which is a big bonus especially with the newest grandchild!