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My left leg was amputated after an accident at work. Five years later I was still taking up to 30 tablets a day, including strong painkillers, and drugs to help my breathing and spasm control.

In June 2003 I went to an Encounter weekend. I took the tablets with me, but somehow I did not take any of them. While there, God showed me that I needed to forgive my parents for putting me into care as a baby, and I did this.

Since then, I stopped taking the tablets and at the hospital they told me I didn’t need any more check-ups. I believe God freed me from having to take those drugs.

In 2006 I had a fall, and the doctor warned me that I might lose my remaining leg as a result. We prayed about this in my cell group. Then in June I went on another Encounter weekend, when I was enabled to forgive my father in a deeper way, from my heart. After this I felt free, as though a great burden had been taken away. Then when I saw the doctor again, he told me I would not lose my leg.